A Toolkit for Your Jewish Journey

Through games, music, comics and interactive activities, LaunchBox provides an out-of-the-box approach to exploring meaningful Jewish concepts.

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What is LaunchBox?

LaunchBox is the winner of The Next Big Jewish Idea contest from The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. LaunchBox provides the tools to discover the relevance of Judaism in our lives and to foster Jewish connections by exploring, experiencing, and debating important, provocative questions.
It’s a whole lot in a small box!

What’s in the box?

BOX 1 | Life: What’s the Big Idea?
Geared toward young adults and families with teens.

What’s the meaning of life? How can we make our lives more meaningful? Is there an ultimate significance to what we do? What are the most important priorities in life? What does Judaism tell us about the afterlife? What is the legacy we want to leave behind? These are big questions, and we’ve got big answers.

LaunchBox is more than just a box with stuff in it — it’s a box with stuff in it and an interactive online experience. There is no specific order to your LaunchBox. Just dig in and begin your journey. Some of the pieces are meant to be experienced with others and some are for you to do on your own.

The Competing High
Priorities Game

Players take on life's predicaments one chip at a time.

So, What's Next? Comic Book

A comic about Jewish views of afterlife. Want to talk about the topics it covers? Start with discussing questions. Want to learn more? Use the QR codes on the back or more info.

Online companion materials:
Jewish Rock Radio

Life and Beyond CD

A CD produced by Jewish Rock Radio featuring songs from current Jewish songwriters dealing with the themes of life, legacy, and afterlife.

Online companion materials:

Tasty Morsels on the Meaning of Life

Brief answers on the meaning of life from local rabbis and Jewish thinkers, with tips on how to live a more meaningful life.

Online companion materials (Coming Soon):

Text Talk Cards

Quick bits of Jewish text to discuss on-the-go or around a dinner table.

Legacy Storycording

Everyone has unique stories — scary, humorous, heart-wrenching, heart-warming, miraculous, ironic, instructional, etc. This is an opportunity to record the important stories that make up your family’s unique history.

Online companion materials (Coming Soon):

Ethical Will Writing

All the tools you need to create a lasting gift of your thoughts, experiences, and wisdom.

Online companion materials:

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